Local Development


Development services provided by the City of Rocky Mount include ordinance enforcement in the areas of construction, zoning, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and signage activities. The City also reviews plans prior to permit issuance and performs general field inspections of commercial and residential construction.

  • Engineering

    City engineers plan and direct public and private infrastructure improvements in the City and its utility service areas insuring future capacity, economical maintenance, safety and quality work and for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the City by providing a well planned, designed and maintained transportation network.

  • Building Inspections

    Inspections is responsible for the inspection of buildings during construction to ensure compliance with the approved construction plans and all governing building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, municipal and state codes.

  • Permitting/Registration

    Most construction projects require permits to be obtained before work can begin. Many of these projects must be performed by a licensed and/or registered contractor. Visit the permitting / registration page and learn about the permitting process and how you can register your contractor's license in Rocky Mount.

  • Code Compliance

    Code Compliance ensures that citizens and businesses abide by the Rocky Mount City Code of Ordinances and protects the safety, health, and welfare of the City of Rocky Mount by addressing issues such as illegal home occupations, outside storage violations, and unsafe structures. Visit the code compliance page to learn about the more common violations.

  • Community Development

    The mission is to develop and implement Smart Growth principles to assist in the revitalization, improvement, and preservation of neighborhoods, by promoting decent, safe affordable housing and expanding economic opportunities. These initiatives are principally for persons of low to moderate income and will be accomplished through public/private partnerships coupled with technical assistance.