Rocky Mount ranks as one of the safest cities in North Carolina

Rocky Mount ranks as one of the safest cities in North Carolina
Posted on 12/06/2017

Rocky Mount, N.C. - Safe Home has ranked Rocky Mount as one of the safest cities in North Carolina. Safe Home, an organization which works to make communities safer by providing a variety of tips and completing studies all over the country to identify at-risk communities, ranked Rocky Mount #18 out of the top 25 safest cities in the state. The website, safehome.org, notes the decrease in Rocky Mount’s violent crime and property crime trend.

Safe Home uses a variety of methods to determine the rankings, ultimately assigning a safety score. According to the website, Safe Home uses the FBI’s latest report of the types and number of crimes which took place in each city over the course of one year. Crime trends, or cities which have a decline in crimes, are also given a higher safety score. The organization also examines how many law enforcement officers compare to the city’s population. Finally, information like population density and trends, unemployment rate, median income and education level are all considered.

“We are excited about this recent ranking,” says City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney. “For quite some time, we have been educated about the community policing efforts that Chief James Moore has led the Rocky Mount Police Department in implementing and some which he has continued in a different, unique way. While I, along with the Rocky Mount City Council, acknowledge there is more work to do, we believe these efforts are showing our commitment in making this city a much safer community. This incremental progress is indicative in studies like this one completed by Safe Home.”

For a full list of the safest cities in North Carolina, visit www.safehome.org/safest-cities/nc/.