Environmental Services

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division provides a wide array of solid waste and trash collection services. These services include the collection and disposal of solid waste, yard waste, bulk waste, white goods, recyclables, and dead animals within the city limits. For more information, please contact the Environmental Services at 252 467-4800 option 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should recyclables be separated? Recyclables need not be separated; all recyclable items can be placed together in your curbside recycling container.

Can I still use my red recycling bin? No, all recyclable items are to be placed in the new roll-out cart. We encourage residents to keep the old 18 gallon recycling bin for use inside the home or garage to collect materials and then transfer them to the roll-out cart outdoors. Residents might want to use it for other purposes; it's a great storage container or tote for laundry, garden tools, etc.

What can I do if I have too many recyclables for my one recycling cart? Place additional recyclables in a clear plastic bag on top of the cart or take some of your recycling materials to one of the City's recycling drop-off centers.

What should I do with the cart if I move? The City-issued recycling cart is assigned to a specific address and is the property of the City of Rocky Mount. The cart is to remain in the backyard or garage when you move.

How can I get a replacement recycling cart if I just moved in and my cart is missing? Call the Environmental Services Division at 467-4800, option 7, to request a replacement cart.

What can I do if I am physically unable to take my recycling cart to the curb for collection? If you have a mobility impairment, please contact the Environmental Services Division at 467-4800, option 7, to arrange for assistance.