Renewable Energy Policy


Harnessing clean energy sources is essential to creating a clean energy future. As the demand for more energy continues to grow, the need to build generation facilities continues to grow too. Renewable energy sources offer ways to avoid building expensive generation facilities, depleting finite resources and creating a clean energy source.

Using renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but it is helpful to local economies. It also aids in stabilizing fuel supplies and costs, helps reduce dependence on foreign energy sources, and helps improve regional air quality.

Renewable Energy Policy

Under the City of Rocky Mount’s Renewable Energy Policy, the city will purchase energy from customers who wish to generate their own energy from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and biomass.

The process by which the City purchases energy generated is through a bilaterial metering process. The customer will have a meter supplied by the city that measures the energy the customer receives from the electric utility provider as well as a second meter that measures the output from the generating device. A credit for each kilowatt hour produced will be applied to the customer's monthly utility bill. Customers may refer to the Renewable Energy Rider (PDF, 93KB) for the current credit amount. Customers may also be eligible for credits from approved NC Green Power projects.


New construction and retrofit projects for residential and small commercial electric customers are eligible. New and existing electric customers can install up to 10 kilowatts (KW) for residential projects and up to 100 KW for commercial projects. A City of Rocky Mount representative is available to walk customers through the process to ensure all steps are completed and all local, state, and federal regulations are met.

Customers should contact the Energy Resources electrical engineer at (252) 467-4857 for questions regarding the Renewable Energy Policy. Businesses that would like to install more than 100 KW should refer to the  Electric System Impact Fee Schedule.

Download the Administrative Policy on Renewable Energy (PDF, 100KB)

How To Apply
  1. Read the Renewable Energy Rider (PDF, 125KB)

  2. Follow the Application Procedures and Checklist (PDF, 119KB)

  3. Complete the Application (PDF, 18KB) and Application Documents

Application Documents
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