Holiday Lighting Cost Calculator


Use the Holiday Lighting Cost Calculator to help you decide which type of lights to use this season.

Select the quantity of each type of light used at your home and the number of hours per day that these lights are used. Based on the number of lights and the amount of time you are using them each day, the calculator shows how much energy these lights are using (KWH per Day) and how much they are costing daily (Cost per Day) and monthly (Cost per Month).

To help cut energy costs, consider replacing your incandescent lights with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The calculator shows how much money you can save by using LEDs instead of incandescent lights. Select the quantity of strings for the Mini/Icicle Incandescent Lights and the number of hours per day. To compare, reset the calculator and select the same quantity for the LED lights and the same hours per day. See the difference in costs!

This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only. Actual costs and energy savings may vary.

Formula used to calculate the energy costs: (Wattage of lights X Quantity)/1,000 X Hours per Day = KWH per day X $0.097077 (current city of Rocky Mount electric residential rate) = Cost per Day