New Rates Help Customers Lower Bills

New Rates Help Customers Lower Bills
Posted on 06/28/2017
Effective July 1, 2017, the Rocky Mount City Council approved a decrease in electric rates and an increase in Load Management Program credits to lower utility bills for Rocky Mount Public Utilities (RMPU) electric customers.

The North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) reduced Rocky Mount’s wholesale power costs by 4.4%. This was due to the current and projected lower cost of natural gas, which is used to generate one third of NCEMPA’s wholesale power supply. As a result of the lower wholesale costs, a cost of service study was performed for Rocky Mount’s electric distribution system. The study indicated Rocky Mount’s retail rate revenues could be reduced overall by 5% across all rate schedules.

Beginning July 1, the energy charge for residential electric usage will decrease by 2% from $0.09975 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to $0.097077 per kWh. This means the cost difference for the average residential monthly usage of 1,000 kWh will decrease from $125.75 to $123.08. All rate schedules, including the changes to the commercial rates, will be available on the Rates & Fees page at www.rockymountnc.gov/utilities beginning July 1.

In addition to lower costs due to reduced rates, electric customers will also earn more money back by signing up for the Load Management Program.

Customers who participate in the Load Management Program allow RMPU to install a radio-controlled switch on one or more appliances in the home. During periods of heavy demand for power, RMPU sends a radio signal to briefly interrupt power to the appliance to reduce demand on the overall system. By participating in the program, customers receive credits on their electric bills.

As of July 1, the annual credits available through Load Management are increasing by 74% from $129 per year to $225 per year! The credit for the Electric Water Heater Control switch is increasing from $2.00 per month to $7.50 per month ($90 annually). The credit for the Heat Pump Heat Strip Control switch is increasing from $15.00 per month for three winter months to five winter months ($75 annually). There is no change to the credit for the Air Conditioning Total Control switch, which is $20 per month during three summer months.

Customers with all three Load Management switches will save an average of $18.75 per month. This means an average residential electric bill with usage of 1,000 kWh would decrease from $123.08 to $104.33.

“This is great news for RMPU and our electric customers,” said Rich Worsinger, director of Energy Resources. “Not only will the rate decrease help our customers save money, but the increase to the Load Management credits will give them an opportunity to earn more money back. With all three switches, they will receive $225 per year. That’s more than the cost of our average monthly residential electric bill!”

For information about the Load Management Program or to sign up, visit the Energy Resources department page at www.rockymountnc.gov.