Your First Visit


The first dog park visit can be a little stressful for the novice user (human and dog), first-time visitors might want to consider visiting the park at non-peak times. Peak times are Mondays through Fridays in the early mornings or late afternoons until dusk, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. If you give your dog a little time, however, you may be pleasantly surprised by the change, and you may have a healthier, friendlier, and more playful dog.

What To Bring:
  • Always bring fresh water for your dog. There are usually several communal bowls that remain at the park, but if you or your dog are more comfortable with your own bowl, please bring that too. Several owners have trained their pups to drink directly from sports type water bottles.

  • Although poop bags are generally provided at the park, we have run out on occasion. It never hurts to have a plastic bag on your person for those times or for when your pooch just doesn't make it up to the park in time!

  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for the dog park. You will probably get dirty and you may get wet. The park is situated on a hill so on a windy day it is usually cooler than where you just came from. In the middle of winter, it is downright frigid and yes, there are a few of us who stand out in the cold and snow because our dogs love the park so much!

What Not To Bring:
  • Choke and prong collars are not recommended at the dog park.

  • It is best to leave children at home. Children may be in harm's way since a group of dogs running at top speed may not stop for a child. Also, children exhibit behaviors such as running and squealing which might cause a dog to view the child as prey.

  • Do not bring any type of food (human or pet). Some dogs exhibit aggressive behavior around food and this could cause fights to break out. Other dogs are on specific diets because of weight or allergy issues.

  • Please, no glass bottles of any sort.

Entering the Dog Park:
  • Always keep your dog on a leash when coming to and leaving from the dog park. South Euclid has a leash law and it is expected that all visitors to the park obey this law.

  • Please make sure that no one is in the double gated area before the outside gate door is opened. Make sure that the latch is secured on the first door once you are in the holding area.

  • Remove your dog's leash in the holding area before you let him/her into the park. If a dog is kept on leash once they are in the park, they may feel threatened because they can not move freely like the other dogs.

  • Stand behind your dog close to the second gate door and open the door only wide enough for your dog to enter the park. There will usually be a group of dogs waiting to see and greet the newcomer. Please try to prevent all the dogs waiting at the gate from entering the holding area.

  • After your dog has entered the park you can enter too, making sure that the latch is secured on the second gate.

While in the Park:
  • Do not be alarmed by the group that will usually congregate to meet your best friend. This is normal behavior and they will normally disperse after they have checked out the "new guy".

  • Your pooch may not appear to be having much fun the first few times they come to the park. This is because it is a new place with lots of new faces and he/she may not have been with this many of his own species before. Most dogs adjust just fine after a few visits, but occasionally you will find that the park is not the right place for your best friend. If he/she keeps exhibiting fearful or aggressive behavior it might be best to find another form of recreation for the two of you.

  • Please keep an eye on your dog at all times. You will probably meet quite a few nice people at the Rocky Mount Off Leash Dog Park and may be distracted by some of the lively conversations going on. Please do not forget why you originally came to the park - for your dog!

  • Keep your eyes open for moving dogs! Some dogs can get rather enthusiastic with their play and may not stop running even if they see you are in their path. Many full grown people have been knocked to the ground by a pack of running dogs.

  • Do not let your dog mount other dogs excessively. While the behavior may not be aggressive in nature, it is annoying to other dogs and their owners.

  • Please respect the wishes of other dog owners. If someone feels uncomfortable with your dog, please control your animal and remove them to another area of the park.

  • Please remove all fecal material generated by your pooch. There are poop disposal bags near the entrance and we are all responsible for keeping the park clean!