Neighborhood Associations


Purpose of the neighborhood associations is to assist with identifying community concerns and scheduling and conducting community meetings. Among Rocky Mount’s greatest treasures are its neighborhoods. The City's neighborhoods are the lifeblood of our larger community. No matter their size, location, or other demographics, Rocky Mount's neighborhoods create a sense of community for their residents. These neighborhoods are home to lifelong friends and newcomers alike, and they all seek to welcome new residents and visitors.

As you explore Rocky Mount' neighborhoods, you will find a great variety of architectural styles, community amenities, and historical places. However, much of what is valued within Rocky Mount's neighborhoods happens below the surface, in the form of personal relationships and community involvement. Many of Rocky Mount's neighborhoods are organized in the form of neighborhood associations. Residents meet regularly to discuss concerns and face challenges that are common to most neighborhoods, such as transportation, neighborhood beautification, crime, zoning, recreation, housing, lead abatement, problem landlords, street lighting, health care, and special concerns for youth and senior citizens.

The presidents of the neighborhood associations take these concerns to city staff, as they meet regularly with representatives from the City Manager';s Office and the Human Relations Department. During these meetings, the presidents voice concerns from their neighborhoods and receive helpful information about city services. The neighborhood presidents then share the information they learn with their membership.

Below please find a brochure for each neighborhood association that is engaged with the City of Rocky Mount. Each brochure includes information about the amenities of the neighborhood, the place and time of the organization’s meetings, the officers for the neighborhood association, and a contact person for questions and/or to join the group. The brochures also feature helpful information about city government, programs, and services, including frequently dialed numbers.

List of Neighborhoods:

If you live in one of the neighborhoods listed above, please review your brochure and contact your neighborhood representative to get involved with your local association. If you live in a neighborhood that is not listed, please contact Human Relations at 972-1181 to learn how you can help start a neighborhood association. The City provides all established neighborhood associations with a brochure about their neighborhood.