Human Resources



To provide professional human resources services to support departments in accomplishing the City’s mission and promoting workforce development.

The Department of Human Resources provides services to the community through its recruitment and training of City employees, and in the administration of employee benefits and compensation. Human Resources also assists other departments within the City, in meeting their staffing goals, promoting equal opportunities, managing job performance and interpreting policy. Furthermore, HR supports employees and their supervisors in reconciling differences and achieving harmony to promote effective work relationships that adhere to the values of the City of Rocky Mount.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing and administering a personnel program that includes employment, labor relations, benefits, compensation, staff training and development, health and wellness, as well as the development of any related policies.

The City is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and to treating employees fairly and equitably. Consistent with its philosophy on human resource management, the City promotes respect for the equal dignity of all people. The City of Rocky Mount complies with and promotes conduct consistent with federal and local EEO laws and regulations, including but not limited to Title VII and Title IX.

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DeNaide Dickens, Interim Director of Human Resources

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