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Hornbeam Park


Hornbeam Park was developed in 1986 in coordination with the National Parks Service's Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund. The park site is 10.5 acres. The park features combination softball, football, soccer and junior league baseball field with lights. The park also features four tennis courts, a playground and Little League Baseball Field. The park provides a variety of amenities for all ages and is the focus of the park.

The Hornbeam Park Planning process reviewed the needs of the community in context with the existing park property to determine community connections to the park, outdoor amenities and program opportunities. The planning process was held during the months of January-April 2017. Two public meetings were held with the Ward 7 citizens. The final plan was present to the community on April 4, 2017. Project funding was appropriated from the FY17 Parks and Recreation Department's Operating Budget. Funds appropriated for the project totaled $158,000.


  • Fall 2016 - Site Assessment

  • February 28, 2017 - Public Meeting #1

  • April 4, 2017 - Public Meeting #2 & Final Plan Design

  • August 2017 - Implementation of Plan Priority Elements (New Playground & Tennis Court)


Hornbeam Park was purchased by the City of Rocky Mount in the early 1980's. The need for Hornbeam Park was established in the 1978 City of Rocky Mount Open Space Plan. The plan stated that there was a strong need for a community park within the Northgreen and High Meadows area of the City.


Playground Concept (1.5 MB PDF)

Playground Concept - Option 2 (350 KB PDF)