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What zoning district is my property located in?

To check the zoning of property, contact staff directly.

What are the minimum required building setbacks from my property lines?

Setbacks are determined by the zone of the property. These lot and yard requirements are listed in Section 601 of the Land Development Code.

Is my intended use permitted on my property?

The list of land uses permitted in each zoning district is contained in Section 503 of the Land Development Code.  Table 5-1 is applicable to residential zones, and Table 5-2 applies to transitional (office), business, and industrial districts.  

Is my property located in a Historic District?

The City of Rocky Mount has seven historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You may contact staff directly for this information.

If the property is also located within a local historic district, you need to contact staff prior to beginning any project on the exterior of your property to determine if a Certificate of Appropriateness is required.

What is a Certificate of Appropriateness, and when is one required?

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is a permit granted by the city’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) for the approval of new construction, demolition, or exterior alterations to a property located within a local historic district. 

What is a Special Use Permit?

A Special Use Permit (SUP) is required for certain uses that are generally considered to be appropriate in a particular zoning district, but because of their complexity and potential for off-site conflicts, require individual review by the Board of Adjustment or the City Council.  SUP standards and conditions can be found in Section 506 of the Land Development Code.

Does my property have any zoning restrictions?

Certain properties have been designated by City Council with conditional uses.  This means that certain limitations and restrictions have been placed on the property.  If your property has a conditional use on it, you should contact staff to find out the specifics of the conditions.

How do I file/place a zoning enforcement complaint?

To file/place a zoning enforcement complaint, you need to contact a member of the Planning Division staff. You must provide the location and nature of the complaint; you are not required to give your identity.

Is my property located in a flood zone?

You may verify if your property is located in one of these zones by going to the NC Flood Risk Information System online, or by contacting a member of staff.

The city has three designated flood zones: Zone AE is the 100-year flood zone; Zone AEFW is the floodway; and Zone X is outside a flood hazard area.  Regulations for properties within these areas can be found in Chapter 9 of the Land Development Code.


Can I have a Home Occupation?

Certain uses are allowed within a residence with the approval of a Home Occupation Permit with , including, but not limited to: accountant, barber/beauty shop (not more than one chair), architect, home childcare, engineer, lawyer, and medical practitioners. Home Occupations are subject to additional requirements; you may contact a member of staff for more information.

Where can I operate a group home?

Family Care and Group Homes are permitted by right in any of our residential zoning districts, as well as O-I and B-4 zones; however, neither a family care home nor a group home for developmentally disabled adults shall be permitted to be located within a seven-hundred-fifty (750) foot radius of any existing family care home; group home for developmentally disabled adults; group care facility; shelter for women or families, with or without children; transient shelter, or rehabilitation facility (as classified under the previous LDC).