Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigations Division is supervised by a Division Commander, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. Captain Henry King is the current Division Commander. One Lieutenant and two Sergeants report to the Division Commander. To contact Captain King call (252) 972-1485 or email henry.king@rockymountnc.gov.

The Investigative Lieutenant is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the division. The Investigative Lieutenant reviews all incident reports that are reported to the police department and assigns them to criminal investigators, patrol officers, and traffic officers based on solvability factors. The Investigative Lieutenant also serves as the liaison between the Rocky Mount Police Department and North Carolina 7th Prosecutorial District. Lieutenant Thomas Seighman is the current Investigative Lieutenant. To contact Lieutenant Seighman call (252) 972-1455 or email thomas.seighman@rockymountnc.gov.

Major Case Section

The Major Case Section consists of the Crimes Against Persons Unit and the Family Services Unit. The Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for investigating crimes such as homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults. The Family Services Unit is responsible for investigating crimes involving juveniles, missing persons and domestic-violence related offenses. The Major Case Unit is also responsible for Cold Case investigations, which focuses on unsolved homicides, suspicious death cases and unsolved missing person cases with suspicious circumstances. Sergeant Westlyn Seabreeze is currently assigned as the sergeant supervising this section. To contact Sergeant Seabreeze, call (252) 972-1464 or email westlyn.seabreeze@rockymountnc.gov.

Property Crimes Section

The Property Crimes Section consists of the Property Crimes Unit and Financial Crimes Unit. The Property Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, motor vehicle burglaries, high dollar larcenies and other misdemeanor crimes. The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating white collar crimes, financial crimes, and fraud related crimes. Sergeant Wayne Morris is currently assigned as the Sergeant supervising this section. To contact Sergeant Morris, call (252) 972-1486 or email wayne.morris@rockymountnc.gov.

Sergeant Seabreeze

Sergeant Seabreeze

Detectives Woods & Moore

Detectives Wood & Moore

Sergeant Morris

Division Administrative Assistant Cekeithia Blakney