Safety & Preparedness

How to Prepare for an Emergency     
  • Sign up for Code Red emergency notifications by calling (252) 972-1376.

  • Build an Emergency Kit that includes a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water, medications, a radio, a flashlight and extra batteries. For a complete list of supplies, visit www.ready.gov/build-a-kit.

  • Use generators only in well-ventilated areas. DO NOT use generators indoors. DO NOT connect generators directly in to your home's electrical system. Always follow manufacturer's instructions.

  • If you lose power, turn off all electrical appliances except one light. DO NOT try to move power lines or trees or anything else in contact with power lines. Call (252) 467-4800 to report the outage and damage to any electrical equipment, such as power lines, transformers or poles.

  • Call (252) 467-4800 to make sure the City has your most current phone number on file. This will save time later when calling to report a power outage.

City of Rocky Mount Emergency Management information

Weathering the Storm fact sheet

Flooding information (ready.gov)

Water Shortage Response Plan (146 KB PDF)