Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for providing quality public services in a timely, professional, efficient, and responsive manner with regards to the repair and maintenance of the city streets and drainage infrastructure, the city fleet of motor vehicles and equipment, collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, planning and directing public and private infrastructure improvements in the City and its utility service areas, providing a well-planned, designed, and maintained transportation network, and ensuring safe and reliable public transit services. These services are to be provided in such a way that they promote a high quality of life for city residents, contribute to the safe movement of people and goods, and support economic development while protecting the environment, public health, and safety.


Core services the Public Works Department provides include, street, sidewalk, and storm drainage maintenance, garbage, yard waste, and recycling collections, transit services through Tar River Transit, vehicle and motorized equipment maintenance, operation and maintenance of traffic control signs and signals, transportation planning, engineering and construction services for public infrastructure and engineering review and inspection of private site development.

Brad Kerr, Director of Public Works

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