The Rocky Mount Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the transportation planning agency serving the City of Rocky Mount, the Town of Nashville, the Town of Sharpsburg, and portions of Edgecombe and Nash Counties. The Rocky Mount MPO covers an area of approximately 198 square miles and includes 85,000 people.

The MPO is a transportation policy-making body made up of representatives from government and transportation agencies with authority and responsibility in metropolitan areas. Federal legislation requires the formation of an MPO for any urbanized area with a population greater than 50,000.

The City of Rocky Mount has served as the Lead Planning Agency for the MPO, which was established in 1992 as the seventeenth North Carolina MPO. After the 2000 Census the MPO boundary was adjusted to include the Town of Nashville. The Town of Sharpsburg was included in the MPO after the 2010 Census.

Local governments in the MPO are represented by an elected official on the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), which is responsible for a continuous, comprehensive and cooperative transportation planning process. Staff members from local planning organizations, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration comprise the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) which reports to the TAC.

The TCC and TAC are responsible for the development of three primary planning documents: the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP), and the Planning Work Program (PWP).

Both the TCC and TAC seek the involvement of the general public to create the transportation plans for the multi-modal transportation system. Thank you for visiting the Rocky Mount MPO website. Contact the Transportation Planner for additional information about the MPO.


The Transportation Planning Group (TPG) is a division of the City of Rocky Mount Engineering Department. The TPG is charged with oversight of the long range transportation planning activities within our area and coordination of the Rocky Mount Urban Area MPO. Serving in this capacity, the primary goal of the TPG is to develop an integrated, multi-modal transportation network that efficiently moves people and goods and meets the long range transportation needs of the Rocky Mount Urban Area.


The TPG is responsible for the execution of the MPO's Planning Work Program (PWP). This program, prepared annually, seeks to define a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive process by which the MPO can identify, evaluate, and assess local short term and long term transportation related needs within our area. Due to the long range implications of local transportation planning efforts and the level of investment required to construct and maintain such infrastructure, the MPO is also responsible for insuring that the program includes a proactive and inclusive public involvement process. In addition to soliciting public input and comment on projects adn plans through public hearings, the MPO's public involvement policy dictates and ongoing public education program to engage a wide range of diverse interests including local businesses community groups, private citizens, and other agencies. The information made available through this website, is but one example of the MPO's commitment to this goal.

Work Products

Although the MPO is actively involved in a wide range of work efforts, one of the more significant work products is the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This plan, which includes a planning horizon of at least 20 years, identifies and prioritizes what types of transportation improvements (roadways, bicycle, transit, pedestrian, and inter-modal facilities) are required to meet the anticipated short term and long term needs within the planning area. The current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Connect 2045) was adopted by the MPO on September 17, 2018.

Rocky Mount Urban Area MPO TAC Members
  • Edgecombe County Commissioner - Evelyn Powell

  • Nash County Commissioner - Robbie Davis

  • NC Board of Transportation - Gus Tulloss

  • Rocky Mount City Council - W. B. Bullock (Chairman), Chris Miller, Richard Joyner

  • Nashville Town Council - Louise Hinton

  • Sharpsburg Town Council - David Pride

For more information, email bob.league@rockymountnc.gov