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Does Community Code inspect for or test for mold?

No. Community Code Inspectors are not trained or certified to identify, test or remediate mold. Contact your county health department:

Edgecombe: 252-641-7511

Nash: 252-459-9819

There’s a bright green sticker on a motor vehicle on my property.

This is to identify a possible nuisance vehicle. Contact the Inspector noted on the sticker as soon as possible as the vehicle is subject to being towed.

Are smoke detectors required in rental properties?

Yes. North Carolina General Statute 42-42 details the requirements for both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in a rental property. State Building Codes and the National Fire Protection Association standards also detail the number of alarms and where they are to be placed within a residence. Both tenants and landlords are subject to fines under this statute for disabling or damaging a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm.

Can I have furniture on my porch?

Yes, as long as it is designed for outdoor use. City Ordinance 10-91 prohibits household or office furniture, white goods or other appliances or items not designed to withstand the elements, from being outside.

Will Community Code remove cars from the street?

No. Community Code has jurisdiction on private property and the Rocky Mount Police Department has jurisdiction on public property, including roadways and streets.

What is the maximum allowable height for grass?

The City of Rocky Mount is very generous by allowing for 18” of grass height before issuing a notice. Please keep in mind Community Code Inspectors do not measure every lot or yard for grass height and they also are looking at a possible violation as a potential harborage or breeding place for vermin, rodents and mosquitos.