City Lake


City Lake, located off Sunset Avenue at the Tar River, was first constructed as a Works Progress Administration project under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration in 1937. The lake has undergone many face lifts over the years, with a complete beautification project concluded in 1993. Joggers and walkers make a trek around a half-mile concrete path surrounding the lake, while others relax under the tall hardwoods and pines to feed the exotic waterfowl living around the famous site. Other amenities include a gazebo, piers, a bridge to the island, and a fountain. By day or night, City Lake is one of the most beautiful sites in the two counties. Called "a place for us to come together," City Lake has become a symbol of the Rocky Mount area.


Computer generated oblique aerial view of City Lake, looking north. Points of interest include:
1. City Lake; 2. City Lake Park; 3. Powerplant; 4. Water Plant; 5. Sunset Park; 6. Tar River

Historic postcard showing City Lake as it appeared shortly after completion