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Business Camera Program

The Rocky Mount Police Department seeks assistance from local businesses to strengthen criminal investigations and create a safer environment for citizens. Therefore, we are requesting businesses, including but not limited to churches, retail establishments, daycares, schools, industrial industries, etc., to partner with us.

Businesses that partner with the Rocky Mount Police Department will have two options to participate, (1) camera registry and (2) camera integration.

(1) Camera Registry

Businesses registering their cameras inform us that cameras are at your location. Then, if we wish to view the video, in that case, the owner will receive an alert to share and/or we can come to your location.

Businesses who partner with the RMPD must register their cameras by clicking the link https://rockymountpd.fususregistry.com/ and follow the prompted instructions. Registration allows the RMPD only to know that you have cameras in the event crime occurs.

(2) Camera Integration

The second option is to integrate business cameras with the police department’s FUSUS Real-Time Intelligence Center, which will give the police department direct access to surveillance cameras to view live video. Sharing access to the live video will allow staff to instantly view the area if a crime occurs in the vicinity of the business. This access will assist responding officers in identifying vehicles and individuals committing the crime more quickly.

The RMPD will provide the business with a CORE, which connects the business’s Digital Video Recorder with the FUSUS platform via internet connection. Then, RMPD will complete the installation, which typically takes no more than 30 minutes. There is no cost associated with this program.

“Improving the quality of life, maintaining order, and creating a safer environment is part of the Rocky Mount Police Department’s mission. We are grateful for the partnership with our local businesses to assist us in our efforts to reduce crime and strengthen criminal investigations,” said Police Chief Robert Hassell.

Anyone who needs assistance with the registration process or has questions, please contact the Rocky Mount Police Department Support Services Commander Lieutenant Ryan Hepler at 252-972-1203.


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