Budget Analysis


The Office of Budget Evaluation and Development performs regular analysis of the City's financial and operational performance in order to quantify efficiency and effectiveness with respect to collection of revenues and provision of government services. The following reports are designed to provide insight to citizens and other interested parties on the current operating and fiscal condition of the City of Rocky Mount.

Quarterly Summary of Revenues and Expenditures

Starting with the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2008, the City provides a report to the Mayor and City Council that summarizes financial performance by examining collection of revenues and allocation of budgeted funds for government services. This summary focuses on the operating funds whose appropriations are adopted as part of the annual operating budget: General Fund, Powell Bill Fund, General Capital Fund, Electric Fund, Gas Fund, Water Fund, Sewer Fund, and Stormwater Fund. Currently, the report also includes a summary of the allocation of financial resources from various sources toward Community Reinvestment activities, which include business, downtown, and neighborhood development.