Agency Assistance

Agency Assistance

Many local agencies & faith-based organizations offer financial assistance for utility customers who are at risk of having their utility services interrupted due to an unavoidable circumstance. The assistance process may be confusing which can add frustration to an already stressful situation. The Assistance Office can help you navigate the process by determining if you may qualify for programs in our local area. Most agencies will require various forms of documentation in order to process applications for assistance.


To be eligible a citizen must have experienced a hardship that can be documented. Due to each program having various guidelines the following documents should be gathered prior to applying for assistance:

  • Valid state-issued picture ID or driver's license

  • Social Security cards for all household members

  • Verifiable proof of all household income

  • Copies of household expenses

  • Rental lease or mortgage statement

  • Most recent utility bills

Agencies normally have a limit on the amount of assistance they can offer to an individual household and those limits are mandated by their program guidelines. Contact our Assistance Office at 252-972-1250.