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COVID-19 UPDATE for Department of Development Services

March 31, 2020: City of Rocky Mount Inspections Division will immediately switch to Live Remote inspections for all occupied dwellings.

In accordance with guidance provided by the NC Department of Insurance and the CDC, the City of Rocky Mount Inspections Division will immediately switch to Live Remote inspections for all occupied dwellings. When inspections are requested for projects inside an occupied dwelling, please attach any documentation which would normally be required to perform an inspection. You will be contacted by an Inspector if more information is needed and/or to establish a time to perform the remote inspection by video link.

PLEASE NOTE: Some types of inspections may not be able to be completed by remote inspection, based on assessment of the video call by your inspector. If this happens, the inspector may ask for further documentation from you attesting to compliance. Reinspection fees in this case will not be assessed.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our office at 252-972-1109/1110 or via email at


Please submit plans and applications, along with any attachments, via email to Paper copies of plans can be left with the building's security office for the inspections staff to pick up. If you must drop off essential documentation, please call our office at 252-972-1109/1110 or Justin Floyd at 252-972-1113 and a drop off will be designated outside City Hall, at the front entrance.

Please note: All applications for Certificates of Occupancy, Historical District properties and zoning certification must be reviewed by our Planning Division prior to issuance. You may email your applications to or call 252-972-1172 and we will forward the application to the appropriate planning staff to contact you when the application has been approved.

Pick Ups

We will be providing permits by email and mailing originals. However, if you need to pick up signed plans or original permit cards, please call our office at 252-972-1109/1110 and arrange a time for staff to have your documents available on the first floor.

We are working diligently to keep us all safe, while also providing the exceptional service. Please allow staff ample time to respond to your inquiries and provide the information requested.

Community Code

Inspections will be conducted on a case-by-case basis factoring the severity of the alleged issue (life & safety), occupancy of the building (vulnerable populations) and whether the property owner/manager has been notified. In cases of life and safety complaint, the inspector will schedule an inspection per standard practice. Community Code will continue to monitor every non-life and safety complaint within their jurisdiction and will conduct a follow-up inspection once all restrictions, quarantines, and orders have been rescinded. For all Community Code inquiries contact 252-972-4952/4959.

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