Loose Leaf Collection


The Street Division collects loose leaves during the months of November, December, and March on an alternating schedule. The city is subdivided into a north route and a south route. To determine which route a resident is assigned to, refer to the loose leaf collection map. In addition, most residents have a decal on the rollout cart serviced by the Environmental Service Division which identifies their route assignment. Residents with questions regarding the route they are assigned to or the collection schedule can call 252 467-4906. During months of collection, the schedule will be posted on the City's home page. During those months when loose leaves are collected by the City, residents should rake their leaves to the back of curb, not in the street. If a resident lives on a strip paved street (no curb and gutter) with a ditch section, the leaves should be staged just behind the ditch. Leaves should not be placed in the ditch for collection as they may obstruct drainage and result in localized flooding during a rain event. To insure collection, residents are required to have their leaves at the street by 7:00 am Monday of their week of collection.

Loose Leaf Map