Departments & Services

Department Contacts

Click a department to expand its contents. If you cannot find the information you need, please call the City Switchboard at (252) 972-1111. City hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm.

City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's office maintains and preserves the permanent and legal records of the City, including minutes of City Council meetings, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, easements, deeds to City property, cemetery records, and any other records committed to its custody or required by law. All records are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Records Retention and Disposition Schedule published by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History.

City Clerk - Pamela O. Casey
Administration: (252) 972-1319

City Manager's Office

The City Manager's Office, considered a city department for administrative & budget purposes, includes four divisions of Budget & Evaluation, Downtown Development, Public Affairs, and Internal Auditor. The Budget & Evaluation Manager develops the City's annual and capital budgets and is responsible for program evaluation and performance measurement. The Downtown Development Manager promotes the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Rocky Mount through several programs and activities for businesses and stakeholders. The Public Affairs Manager coordinates the City's communication efforts and public information programs, including the city's government access channel CITY TV-19. The Internal Auditor reviews entities and functions for adequacy of controls, legal and contractual compliance and good business practice.

City Manager - Rochelle D. Small-Toney
Assistant City Manager - Chris Beschler
Assistant City Manager - Natasha Hampton
Budget and Evaluation Manager - Kenneth Hunter
Senior Internal Auditor - Paula Carbone
Communications & Marketing Manager - Tameka Kenan-Norman
Administration: (252) 972-1325

Community & Business Development

The Department of Community and Business Development revitalizes targeted neighborhoods, provides affordable housing, creates a sustainable economy with a focus on local, minority and women-owned businesses, and builds collaborative networks to provide the necessary training for workforce development.

Cornelia McGee, Community Development Administrator

Kevin Harris, Business Development Manager

Courtney Richardson, Special Projects Coordinator

Katrese Hale, Community Development Planning Specialist

Loretta Braswell, Part-Time Clerical Assistant

Mabel Taylor-Jones, Administrative Assistant

Development Services

The Development Services Department oversees all phases of planning and development for the city, including plan & subdivision administration, zoning, inspection services, minimum housing code, and community development block grant programs.

Director - William Deaton
Building Inspections - Justin Floyd, Administrator
Community Code Division - Kelly Cook, Supervisor
Housing Code: (252) 467-4800 option 8
Inspection Administration: (252) 972-1119
Planning Administration: (252) 972-1172
Building and Zoning Service Inspections: (252) 972-1110

Energy Resources

The Energy Resources Department provides safe, efficient, effective delivery of reliable electric and gas service for the benefit of all customers. The City has over 27,000 electric customers and over 17,000 natural gas customers. The Energy Resources Department offers several special programs to assist both residential and commercial customers.

Interim Director - Chris Beschler
Operations Manager - Vacant
Energy Services Manager - Vacant
Electric Distribution Manager - Darryl Strother
Gas System Manager - Bradley Walters
Engineering Manager - Michael Winkler
Communications Coordinator - Amy Blanton

Administration: (252) 972-1272
Bills & Services Information: (252) 972-1250
Electric & Gas Services: (252) 467-4800


The Finance Department manages several of the City's internal services such as accounting, information systems, and property management. This department also includes the purchasing division and the utility billing office, located on the first floor of City Hall.

Director - Amy Staton
Accounting - Nicki Gurganus, Manager
Technology Services - D'Wayne Wilkins, Interim Manager
Purchasing Division - Candice Kirtz, Manager
Utility Business Office - Latasha Hall, Manager
Property & Risk Management - Mike Baughn, Manager

Administration: (252) 972-1200
Accounting: (252) 972-1216
Purchasing: (252) 972-1226
Revenue Collection: (252) 972-1250
Tax Information: (252) 972-1250
Utility Billing Info: (252) 972-1250
Utility Payment Info: (252) 972-1250


The Rocky Mount Fire Department is known for one of the best trained work forces in the state. The department coordinates an aggressive effort to ensure your safety by participating in national, state, and regional emergency management planning. The RMFD provides fire prevention education to local schools and civic organizations and has administers several other community oriented programs. The fire protection area served consists of two battalions, subdivided into seven fire station response zones.

Fire Chief - Corey Mercer
Division Chief of Life Safety & Training - Donnie Daniels
Division Chief of Operations – Jamie Vaughan

Administration: (252) 972-1498
Prevention: (252) 972-1376

Human Relations

The Human Relations Department manages a variety of programs to ensure that our community is free of discrimination based on race, sex, age, ethnic or national origin, religion or socio-economic status. The staff investigates complaints of discrimination and develops programs to promote good community relations. Some of the most well-known programs are the WARM (Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount) Program, the Neighborhood Council, and the Youth Council. The Human Relations Department provides staff support to three commissions: the Human Relations Commission, the Martin Luther King Commission, and the Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities.

Director - Archie Jones
Administration: (252) 972-1181

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department coordinates the recruitment and selection of new employees and assists job applicants through the employment process. The City is one of the largest employers in our area, and many employees have enjoyed a lifelong career with the city organization. The Human Resources Department assists city employees with training, benefits, and other personnel procedures.

Director - Elayne Henderson
Administration: (252) 972-1186

Parks & Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Department is one of the most visible departments within our city organization. The Department provides cultural and learning opportunities for area residents at the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences, which houses the Children's Museum & Science Center, the Playhouse Theater, and the Arts Center. The Rocky Mount Sports Complex, which opened in 2006, has been a long-awaited addition to the city's park system. Athletic programs, cemeteries, community centers, and special events are also administered by this department.

Director - Elton Daniels
Recreation Superintendent - Joel Dunn
Parks & Cemeteries Superintendent - Kelvin Yarrell
Sports Complex Supervisor - Lynn Driver
Athletics Supervisor - Alex Langley
Senior Programs Manager - Brian Harrell
Recreation Services Supervisor - Chris Allen (Interim)

Administration: (252) 972-1151
Athletics: (252) 972-1160
Shelter Reservations: (252) 972-1151
Arts Center: (252) 972-1163
Children's Museum: (252) 972-1167
The Imperial Centre/Box Office:(252) 972-1266
BTW Community Center: (252) 467-4925
SRM Community Center: (252) 972-1169
Parks Maintenance: (252) 467-4922


The RMPD is committed to serving the citizens of Rocky Mount through the principles of integrity, fairness, professionalism, and respect. Each of the four divisions are comprised of sworn officers and civilian employees that work tirelessly to ensure your safety. The RMPD offers a variety of community programs, including a Citizen Police Academy, the Youth Explorers Program, and School Resource Officers.

Chief of Police - George Robinson
Administration Division - Vacant
Support Services Division - Captain Michael A. Whitley
Patrol Services Division - Captain Marty Clay
Criminal Investigations Division - Lieutenant David Moseley (Interim)
Special Operations Division - Captain Michael Paul

Non-emergency: (252) 972-1414
Administration: (252) 972-1471
Telephone Device for the Deaf: (252) 442-0975
Animal Shelter: (252) 972-1390
Crime Watch: (252) 977-0727
Investigation: (252) 972-1450
Records and Reports: (252) 972-1430

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides many core services to our residents, street, culvert, and ditch maintenance, garbage, yard waste, and recycling collections, transit services, vehicle and motorized equipment maintenance, as well as public and private infrastructure improvements.

Director - Brad Kerr
Transportation Engineering Division - Steve Yetman, Assistant City Engineer, Transportation
Engineering Design Division - Donald Perry, Assistant City Engineer, Water Resources
Storm Water Engineer II - Scott Miles
Tar River Transit - Todd Gardner, Transit Manager
Operations Manager - Tim Farmer
Fleet Maintenance - Michael Shaw, Superintendent
Streets and Stormwater Division - Steven Spruill, Superintendent
Environmental Services Division - Cameron Privott, Superintendent
Keep America Beautiful - Stephanie Collins, Coordinator
New Water and Sewer Connections: (252) 972-1127

Administration: (252) 972-1121
Environmental Services: (252) 467-4800 option 7
Dead Animal Collection: (252) 467-4800 option 7
Roll-Out Cart Service: (252) 467-4800 option 7
Curbside Recycling: (252) 467-4800 option 7
Yard Trash Collection: (252) 467-4800 option 7
Fleet Maintenance: (252) 467-4897
Streets/Stormwater: (252) 467-4800 option 6
Transfer Station/Scale House: (252) 467-4968
KAB-Recycling: (252) 467-4960

Water Resources

The Water Resources Department's mission is to produce and distribute potable water for domestic and commercial use and to collect, treat, and dispose of domestic and commercial wastewater. The Department is responsible for the total operation and maintenance of the water and sewer systems, and ensures the City's full compliance with all permits and federal and state regulations regarding your drinking water.

Director - Brenton Bent
Water Treatment Division - Jim Connolly, Superintendent
Water and Sewer Services - Nate Williams, Superintendent
Wastewater Treatment Division - James Costello, Superintendent
Water Quality Services - Amanda James, Superintendent

Administration: (252) 972-1290
Regional Wastewater Plant: (252) 972-1400
Sunset Water Plant: (252) 972-1293
Tar River Reservoir Water Plant: (252) 972-1292
Water & Sewer Service: (252) 467-4800 option 4