The mission of the Engineering division is to plan and direct public and private infrastructure improvements in the City and its utility service areas insuring future capacity, economical maintenance, safety and quality work and for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the City by providing a well planned, designed, and maintained transportation network.



Brad Kerr, PE, Director of Public Works - 252- 972-1120
Supervises a staff of 24 employees and a budget of $946,000. Responsible for all phases of engineering for the City, including construction inspection, traffic engineering and traffic signals, signs and marking, water & sewer, and stormwater.

Donald Perry, PE, CPESC, Assistant City Engineer (Water and Sewer) - 252-972-1122
Supervises a staff of nine. Responsible for design and administration of city capital projects, including water and sewer extensions. Additionally, responsible for ensuring that new development projects conform to City and State requirements as related to water and sewer.

Steve Yetman, PE, PTOE, Assistant City Engineer (Transportation) - 252-972-1123
Supervises a staff of 10. Responsible for ensuring safe and efficient operation of the street system in accordance with NCDOT (NC Department of Transportation) and City standards, including traffic signals, street signs, pavement markings, and transportation planning. Additionally, responsible for ensuring that new development projects conform to City requirements as related to transportation.

Yashica Mills-Hyman, Department Secretary - 252-972-1121
Provides administrative and clerical support to the Director of Engineering, Assistant City Engineers for Water/Sewer and Traffic, Stormwater Engineer, and other departmental employees. Maintains financial records, personnel records and payroll records, and maintains files for construction projects, bonds, sureties, COs and other departmental matters.


Kevin Harrell, Engineering Technician II - CADD (252-972-1125)
Responsible for preliminary design and drafting support for the preparation of capital project plans. Additionally, responsible for creation and maintenance of City Standard Details, Standard Maps, and Custom Maps.

Negrete Silver, Engineering Technician II - Utilities - 252-972-1127
Responsible for the administration of water and sewer service policies, including petition extensions, line and tap fee assessments, meter issuance, and annexation requests.

Vacant, Engineering Technician II - Utilities 


Vacant, Construction Inspector - 252-467-4940

Bill Pridgen, Construction Inspector - 252-467-4946

Allen Goff, Construction Inspector - 252-467-4941
Responsible for ensuring that new city infrastructure is constructed in accordance with City standards, including water and sewer lines, streets, and stormwater management systems. Additionally, responsible for ensuring the adherence of new development to City and State erosion control requirements.

Survey Group

Hugh Clark, PLS, Surveying Manager - 252-467-4944
Supervises a staff of two. Responsible for the planning and execution of all surveys for multiple City departments. Responsible for construction staking, field design, and creation of record drawings. Additionally, responsible for researching and creating maps, deeds, and easement for City use.

Greg Roane, Survey Party Technician - 252-467-4943
Supervises a staff of one. Responsible for execution of field surveys, staking, and note taking for City projects.

Albert Surles, Survey Party Worker - 252-467-4943
Responsible for assisting the Party Technician in execution of field surveys.

Traffic Engineering

Chet Christman, Traffic Signal Supervisor - 252-467-4937
Supervises a staff of two. Responsibilities include directing staff in the repair and maintenance of the City's traffic signal system, per NCDOT and City standards.

Dusty Joyner, Tim Suber, Signal Technicians
Responsible for repair and maintenance of the traffic signal equipment,including controllers, detectors, fiber optic cable, traffic cameras,and various electronic components.

Denny Parker, Traffic Services Supervisor - 252-467-4939
Supervises a staff of three. Responsibilities include directing Traffic Sign/Paint Technicians in the installation and maintenance of street signs and pavement markings, to ensure adherence to State and Federal standards.

Kelvin Davis, Lead Sign & Paint Technician
James Baudo, Sign & Paint Technician
Responsibilities include the installation and maintenance of street signs and pavement markings, and the review of sight distance problems.

Michael Webb, TSOS, TOPS, Signal System Operator - 252-972-1132
Responsibilities include operating the City's traffic signal system in accordance with NCDOT standards, development of traffic signal timing plans, and collection of traffic counts.

Transportation Planning

Bob League, AICP, Principal Transportation Planner - 252-972-1129
Responsibilities include management of the MPO's (Metropolitan Planning Organization) operations, maintenance of the MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan, and preparation of the MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in accordance with State and Federal guidelines.

Jordan Reedy, Transportation Planner - 252-972-1128
Responsibilities include maintenance of the traffic crash database and compilation of crash statistics. Assists the Principal Transportation Planner in transportation planning initiatives.