Development Services

Documents & Forms

Below is an archive of important documents and forms for your convenience. You can view the documents online and download the ones you need.

Development Procedures

Instructions for Applying for a Permit

  1. Download, print and complete the form. Then fax or e-mail it to
  2. The following areas are better defined to assist you in completing the form:
    • Contractor’s estimate– Enter the amount of the construction cost minus the cost of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and insulation
    • Type of construction– Residential will be Type VI. Type V and Type VI are common for small commercial. If unsure, call Ryan Johnson at (252) 972-1113 for assistance
    • Building area– Add the exterior walls to obtain this. Do not include decks, porches, garages, carports and patios. These must be added separately. Be sure to enter the total square footage in the Total area in sq.ft. since the cost of the permit is based on square footage
    • Owner/Applicant Signature– Sign the application and fax (252-972-1590) or e-mail it to
  3. The permit cannot be processed without payment. The forms on this page are applications ONLY. You will be contacted usually the next working day if your application is approved and you may come to Inspection Services, located on the second floor of City Hall, to obtain your permit and make payment. NO WORK MAY COMMENCE WITHOUT HAVING FIRST OBTAINED THE PERMIT. If you are a licensed contractor who is billed by the City, you will be contacted when your permit has been issued.

    Permits & Plan Review

    Permitting: When altering, constructing, repairing, or developing a home, commercial building, or site a permit may be required. Apply for permits by contacting our Permit Technicians at 252-972-1109/1110/1119 or via email at You can access and manage your permits though our Citizen Self Service portal. Please allow as least 24 to 48 hours for processing.

    Building: When building, constructing, or development each project shall meet the minimum standards set by all current NC Building Codes and the Rocky Mount Code of Ordinances. Please contact our staff regarding questions related to building codes and building inspections.

      • To check the status of your plan review, please call our Construction Development Coordinator at 252-972-1113.
      • If upon inspection, conformity to code regulations cannot be determined, a signed and sealed plot plan drawn by a registered design professional may be required.
      • To change the occupancy of a commercial building, click here to learn more about requirements for a Change of Occupancy.
      • For new construction commercial builds, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued once all other applicable departments have verified approval of the completed site.
      • Buildings under code, may have to be brought up to code depending on the new use of the building. For buildings of interest please contact Community Code Division at 252-467-4959.
      • Residential accessory structures over twelve feet in any dimension requires a building permit.
      • A Lien Agent shall be designated if and when project cost are equal to or exceeds $30,000 in total project cost.

    Building Permit Expiration: Take note that each project site must schedule its first inspection within six (6) months of obtaining a Building Permit. After one (1) year from the last inspection, the building permit is expired if a Building Final has not been obtained.

    Interpretations: Each inspector handles interpretations or technical inquiries, based on their knowledge of the subject matter. More difficult matters may require interpretations from our Inspections Administrator, Justin Floyd. For all other interpretations you may contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI) for an informal interpretation. Please forward all formal interpretations in writing to

    Review Schedule: Both Residential and Commercial Construction plans will be assigned and reviewed in the order in which they are received. If you have several plans in for review, upon submission, please specify an order of priority for your plans. We will make every attempt to accommodate your request but cannot adjust the priority of one set of plans over plans currently under review for others.

    Review Requirements: Residential construction projects will proceed through our Builder’s Express Program. Architectural Review requires that 2 sets of detailed plans be submitted for review. Your submittal must include a site plan showing property lines, setbacks, and distances of any addition to property lines, and must be printed on a minimum of 18″x24″ sized paper.

    Our Commercial Review requires 3 sets of detailed architectural plans to be submitted for all large-scale construction projects. A minimum sheet size of 18″x24″ is required along with an electronic submittal of plans. Please click here for an Appendix B.

    Keep in mind that all new commercial structures or an addition to existing buildings must go through our DRC process. Click here to view our DRC Procedures.

    Floodplain Administration: Any development, including buildings or other structures, filling, grading, or paving, requires a Floodplain Development Permit. Permit applications are reviewed by the Floodplain Manager for compliance with all floodplain regulations. Projects in a flood hazard area will be reviewed to ensure they meet all flood development requirements.

    New Code Books: The new code books are available online at You can also purchase code books at the NC DOI Office in Raleigh located at 322 Chapanoke Road.