Quarterly Revenue & Expenditure Reports


The Office of Budget Evaluation and Develop instituted a quarterly report of revenues and expenditures during the 2008 fiscal year to provide staff, elected officials, and the public the means to evaluate current government financial performance on a budgetary basis and compare to trends in recent history. The quarterly report provides essential information on the performance of key categories of revenue sources, along with indices of expenditures, for the main funds included in the annual operating budget. Actual revenue and expenditure levels as of the end of the given quarter are compared to current budget levels and performance with respect to budget over the last three full fiscal years, enabling staff to determine if departments are upholding their commitments to conservative fiscal management and if additional measures are necessary to deal with unexpected trends in activity.

Quarterly reports are discussed with Council at scheduled Committee of the Whole meetings. Copies of the report and complimenting presentations are available below: