Human Relations

The Human Relations Department deals with creating an atmosphere that is free of discrimination and conflicts between people based on race, sex, age, ethnic or national origin, religion or socio-economic status. The staff investigates complaints of discrimination and develops programs to promote good community relations to assure equal opportunity for all citizens.

Commissions within the department that addresses these concerns are the Human Relations Commission, the Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, the Rocky Mouth Area Youth Council, Neighborhood Associations, and additional programs.


Archie Jones, Director, 252-972-1180

Felisa Hunter, Senior Human Relations Specialist, 252-972-1184

Jeffery Walston, Human Relations Specialist, 252-972-1182

Deborah Campbell, Human Relations Specialist, 972-1165

Aletre Pittman, Employee Development Coordinator, 252-972-1183

LaWanda Hawkins, Administrative Assistant, 252-972-1181


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Human Relations Commission

MLK Commission

Mayor’s Commission

Archie Jones

Director of Human Relations

P: 252-972-1180
F: 252-972-1554

Frederick E. Turnage
Municipal Building
331 S. Franklin St.
Rocky Mount, NC

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Human Relations Commission

Purpose of the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission is to promote understanding, respect and harmony among all people. The Commission consists of thirteen members who serve four year staggered terms. The Human Relations Commission holds its regular monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the City Administrative Complex, second floor conference room one except during the months of July and August. The meetings are open to the public.

For additional information about the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission please contact the Human Relations Department at 972-1181.

Find more information about the North Carolina Human Relations Commission here.

Current Commission Members:

  • Linwood Williams, Co-Chairperson
  • Bill Sharpe
  • Theresa A. Stokes
  • Cynthia Cobb
  • Nehemiah Smith, Jr.
  • Lorenzo Ellis
  • Carlos Licona
  • Cooper Blackwell
  • Maria Chavez-Cadena
  • Thomas Green
  • Terrence Taylor

Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission organizes programs and activities that honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote unity among our diverse population within the Rocky Mount Community.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the third floor Committee Room of City Hall.

Contact the Rocky Mount Human Relations department at 972-1181.

2024 MLK Jr Oratorical Contest

2024 International Festival of Cultures

The International Festival of Cultures’ mission is to promote awareness, appreciation and acceptance of the diverse cultures of this area. This free event is sponsored by the city of Rocky Mount and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission.

Current Commission Members:

  • Michael A. Parker, Chairperson
  • Vanessa Whitaker
  • Jody Wright
  • Rev. Milton Batts
  • David Worsley
  • Nekkia McGee
  • Polly Jones
  • Thomas L. Everett
  • Gloria Whitley-Williams
  • Katrice Johnson
  • Leonard Bullock, Jr.

Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities


The Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities was established by an ordinance adopted February 25, 1974. The Commission is composed of not more than fifteen (15) members serving without pay. Appointments are made by the Mayor and City Council for a two-year period. A member’s seat is declared vacant when that member has been absent without cause for three (3) consecutive meetings or a total of four (4) regular meetings during the year.


The purpose of the Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities is to serve as a formal and continuing means by which the community may be made aware of the needs and abilities of the disabled, to encourage the involvement of the disabled in the daily activities of the community by promoting their gainful employment, removing architectural barriers, and by acting as an educational, public relations and advisory agency to both individual disabled citizens and the community at large to the end that the skills of all our citizens are used to the fullest extent.

Mission Statement

Current Commission Members:

  • Lee Gaskins, Chairperson
  • Mary Mann, Vice Chairperson
  • Priscilla Whitaker
  • Johnnie McRae, Jr.
  • Ardelia Burrison
  • Ruth A. Bowens
  • Gloria Valentine Davis
  • Robert E. Cordell, Sr.
  • Melvia Batts
  • McKenny Dixon
  • Candace Roberts

The Rocky Mount Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities is dedicated to creating community awareness, expanding social, economic and professional opportunities, and enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

The Commission works to achieve its’ mission by:

    • Serving as an advisory liaison to the Mayor, City Council, and the Rocky Mount community on all matters of concern to persons with disabilities;
    • Maintaining an effective and informative communications network that provides program and service information for persons with disabilities as well as agencies whose principal functions are to offer services to such persons;
    • Striving to remove architectural barriers;
    • Promoting the gainful employment of persons with disabilities;
    • Assisting in the development and implementation of new programs and services for persons with disabilities.

For more information on the Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities, please contact the Human Relations Department at 252-972-1181.

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