Neighborhood & Community Wealth Building

The City of Rocky Mount is committed to fostering equitable and inclusive development benefiting all residents.

Equitable Development unlocks the full potential of the local economy by dismantling barriers and expanding opportunities. Through accountable public action and investment, we can grow quality jobs and increase entrepreneurship, ownership, and wealth, making us a stronger and more competitive City.

Inclusive Development ensures all marginalized and excluded group are stakeholders in development processes. Through equal access to opportunities created for all segments of society, especially the disadvantage, we focus on increasing per capital income and greater access to non-income aspects of well-being.

Our City strives to achieve this vision by promoting, developing, and funding opportunities directed towards neighborhood and community wealth building (CWB). Looking internally, CWB utilizes local talents, assets, capacities, and institutions to rebuild capital to strengthen and create family and community owned businesses.

Currently, Rocky Mount’s CWB efforts focus on redeveloping affordable housing in established neighborhoods surrounding the Central City area. In 2020, the City utilized its Housing Incentives Program to provide funding to the Berkshire Acres Community Organization to help purchase and renovate a deteriorating home in their subdivision. The project was completed in 6 months and the newly rehabilitated house was sold. Berkshire Acres residents can use the proceeds from this sale to facilitate future home projects in their neighborhood, creating home ownership opportunities in their community.

Along with housing, the City is looking to expand its neighborhood and community wealth building efforts to include redevelopment of commercial property and supporting business startups.

For More Information Contact

Keyana Walston

Project Manager

(252) 972-1287