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Making Online Payments is easier than ever.

Notice: We do not accept rolled coins or large amounts of coins. Payment reversals are assessed a $15 fee. Reversals are only processed for payment amounts in excess of the billed amount or duplicate payments. For more information, contact us at 252-972-1250.

Utility Bill

Click here to access our online service that will allow you to pay your City of Rocky Mount Utility Bill. No fee is charged to use this service.

Real Estate Taxes

Click here to pay your Real Estate Taxes as well as view past year tax bills. Paymentus charges apply*.
Real Estate Tax Information

Personal Property Taxes

 Click here to pay your Personal Property Taxes as well as view past year tax bills. Paymentus charges apply*.
Personal Property Tax Information

General Bill

Click here to access our online service where you can pay your General Bill as well as view past year general bills. No fee is charged to use this service.

Business License

Click here to access our online service where you can pay your Business License as well as view past year business licenses. No fee is charged to use this service.

Permits and Inspections

Click here to access our online service where you can pay your Permits and Inspections. No fee is charged to use this service.

*The City of Rocky Mount has partnered with Paymentus as the payment provider for electronic payments. A fee of 2.75% for credit card and debit card, or $2.15 for e-check tax payments. Payments are subject to a minimum fee of $1.10.

Returned Checks or Drafts

  1. When a customer’s check or automatic bank draft is returned by the bank on which it is drawn because the bank will not honor it for any reason, the customer will be contacted by a Collections Specialist regarding payment not honored. The contact will establish a deadline (5 days) for the customer to come into the office and pay with cash, debit/credit or money order to avoid service disconnection.
  2. A returned check will not be considered as payment on an account until it has been settled. The late fee will be applied to all accounts not considered to be paid on the due date. A return check fee of $25 will be applied to the account as well.
  3. The City reserves the right to require a customer to pay utility bills in cash, money order, debit/credit or cashier’s check when a customer has had two items returned for nonpayment within the previous twelve months.

Payment Options

Prefer a different payment option? We offer a range of alternatives for your convenience.

Pay By Phone/IVR

Call our toll free number 1-866-288-7608 to make your utility payment by phone. You may pay by credit/debit card or by e-check. You will need to enter your customer and account number including the leading zeroes to pay by phone.

Pay By Mail

Mail your payment using the return envelope included with your monthly utility bill. If misplaced, address your check or money order to City of Rocky Mount Business Office, PO Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802.

Pay In Person

We accept cash, check, and money order payments. We also have a convenient drive thru window. Remember to bring your bill stub or account number with you. Our location is 224 S. Franklin Street.

Bank Draft

Automatic bank draft of utility bills is available. Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account. In order to participate, a utility customer must have a checking account, complete and sign the bank draft authorization form, enclose a voided check and mail all items to the City of Rocky Mount Business Office, PO Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802. After the application is received, it takes an average of two months for the actual draft process to begin.

Equal Pay Program

Depending on the season, your utility bill can vary widely from month to month due to increases and decreases in your energy consumption. Equal Pay Program eliminates those fluctuations by averaging your annual energy usage and providing you with a fixed monthly payment amount. Your monthly payment will be based on your annual usage spread over 11 equal monthly payments. The 12th month is a settlement month. Your account will be reviewed and the difference between the actual usage billed and the paid usage based on the Equal Pay Program will be due from you if an underpayment or the city will refund any overpayment. This plan works well for customers who prefer a fixed monthly payment amount or for those who experience significant increases in winter and/or summer peak billing periods. Please visit our office or call us at 252-972-1250 for details.

Time Extensions

The last day to pay a utility bill without penalty is the due date printed on the bill. The following day, a 1.5% late penalty is charged to the account. Any amount not paid by the due date is considered past due and may result in the onset of delinquency action including service interruption. Late payments will impact your credit standing with the City of Rocky Mount. If a customer is unable to pay a bill by the due date, the person authorized on the account may contact our office to request an arrangement for payment of the bill at a later date. Please visit our office or call us at 252-972-1250 for details.

Payment Assistance Programs

Utility bill payment assistance from federal, state, and privately funded programs may be available to qualified customers. For more information, please visit our Assistance Programs page.

Customer Choice – Due Date Option Program

The Due Date Option Plan allows customers to choose a set due date for their utility payments. Due dates available are 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. Customers must have an active utility account with no past due balances. If customer has a past due balance and would like to participate in the program, we will work with the customer to devise a payment plan that will allow them to become current on the account.

To enroll, contact customer service via phone at 252-972-1250,, or visit our office and speak with a customer service representative.

Can a business enroll in the Due Date Option Plan?

Currently, this is not available for our business customers.

Will this affect the amount of my bill under the standard date plan?

No, your bill will continue to follow the same 28 day billing cycle. Depending on the due date chosen, it is possible that the customer may receive their next bill before the prior bill is due. The bill would not be considered late as long as it is paid by the selected due date. The selected due date will be printed on the bill.

Can I enroll if I participate in ACH/Bank Draft and/or Equal Pay?

Yes. You are able to continue to participate in either or both options while in the Due Date Option Plan.

Can I change my due date once I have chosen one?

Once a selected due date has been chosen, the customer cannot opt to frequently change their due date. Due date changes will be approved on a case-by-case situation. The due date option allows the customer to select the date that best suits their financial situation.

Can I un-enroll from the due date option program?

If the due date option is not working for the customer, they can elect to be removed from the program.

Will I receive a late penalty if I pay after my chosen due date?

Customers are allowed a 2 day grace period. If a customer makes a payment that is more than 2 days past their bill due date, then a late fee will be charged.