Police Department Careers

CID (Property Crimes Section, Major Case Section, Family Services, Fraud)

Major Crimes Duties

  • Prepares and reviews written reports of investigative activities, arrests offenders; testifies in court regarding investigative activities.
  • Interview witnesses, victims, & suspects to obtain accurate, relevant information to assist in investigations
  • Prepare investigative & supplemental reports on assigned criminal cases accurately documenting findings & providing reliable data.
  • Obtain search and arrest warrants as needed for investigations, complying with applicable regulations/law.
  • Compile all investigative information enabling proper preparation, documentation, and presentation in a court of law.

Family Services Duties

  • Conduct advanced investigations and follow-up procedures for cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse
  • Perform follow-up investigations of cases and conducting abuse risk and safety assessments.
  • Investigate claims of neglect and abuse by conducting interviews.
  • Assist victims of crime of Domestic Violence with relocating to Domestic Violence Shelter and obtaining Protection Orders
  • Interviews persons connected with crimes against children; investigates offenses involving youth; counsels delinquent and pre-delinquent youth, including referral to social service agencies; cooperates with representative of social service agencies in protecting youth from crime.
  • Presents evidence and testimony in court.
  • Prepares case files and notes related to case management; prepares documents for district attorney and presentations to court.


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