Utility Assistance Programs (UAP)

It Starts Here

The first step in seeking assistance during your hardship is the completion of the Release of Information (ROI). This document gives the Customer Assistance Specialists permission to share your account balances and specific account information with our community partners to resolve the financial hardship.

The form can be completed and signed digitally here. A copy of a valid photo ID must be attached to the form.

Our Mission
To provide a positive customer experience bringing together citizens in crisis, beneficial financial/educational resources, and trusted community partners.

Our Vision
To build a culture of excellence by developing a pathway to self-sufficiency for our customers sustained through energy awareness and financial literacy education.

Agency Assistance

We understand the frustrations and uncertainty financial hardships may bring. Many local and faith-based organizations offer financial assistance for utility customers who are at risk of having their utility services interrupted due to an avoidable circumstance. The assistance staff will help you navigate the application process; ensuring you have completed necessary forms and provided supporting documentation that will aid in determining if you qualify for programs in our local area.


In order to determine eligibility, citizens applying for assistance must have experienced and provide documentation of the hardship. Our office partners with various funding agencies and their guidelines may vary. The following documents should be gathered prior to making applications for assistance:

  • Valid state-issued picture ID or driver’s license
  • Social Security cards for all household members
  • Verifiable proof of all household income
  • Copies of household expenses
  • Rental lease or mortgage statement
  • Most recent utility bills

Agencies normally have a limit on the amount of assistance they can offer to an individual household and those limits are mandated by their program guidelines. Contact our Assistance Office at 252-972-1250.


The City of Rocky Mount continues in its tradition of care, providing heating assistance for many families who are struggling. The Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount (WARM) provides a one-time assistance payment up to $200 for City of Rocky Mount utility customers who have experienced a documented crisis to pay past due heating expenses. Income limits and other eligibility requirements are listed below. A portion of the program’s intake/approval process is administered via the Salvation Army; assistance through this program is available annually- January through May.


The applicant must be a City of Rocky mount residential utility customer, where the primary source of heat is furnished by electric or gas. The applicant must be part of one of the listed eligibility groups below:

    • 60 years old or older
    • Disabled (must be documented)
    • Unemployed due to being laid off (within last 90 days) due to downsizing and company closings

The applicant’s house must have experienced or are experiencing a documented crisis. Examples of documented crisis may include but not limited to:

    • Unexpected medical expense
    • Cost for emergency home/auto repair
    • At least a 20% increase in monthly utilities due to seasonal change

The household’s current gross monthly income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level limits as listed below. For each additional person, add $560.

Household Size Max Monthly Income
1 $1,595.00
2 $2,155.00
3 $2,715.00
4 $3,275.00
5 $3,835.00
6 $4,395.00
7 $4,995.00
8 $5,515.00

Funds will be paid directly to the utility provider once the following requirements are met. The requirements notated with an * will be required for any WARM assistance after the 2021 WARM season.

    • View and acknowledgement of the Energy Efficiency Living video or in-person class
    • *Completed Energy Audit and scheduled meeting with a Customer Assistance Specialist
    • *Completion of two educational components


Note: This video is the required educational component for WARM and Energy Share participants. Those seeking to meet program requirements must complete the acknowledge form on this page after watching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available for WARM assistance

Must be a residential service account using electric or gas from the City of Rocky Mount as their primary source of heat. Water, wastewater, stormwater & refuse only accounts are not eligible.

No deposits can be made; however, reconnection fees can be paid. WARM will not assist with old bills, where service was terminated, and accounts are closed or returned checks.

What is the maximum amount of assistance?

Payments cannot exceed $200 for one month; however if a customer has a multiple bill (over two months), this cannot exceed $300. The bills must be incurred between October & March.

Payments can be made once per heating season up to $200 with a cut off notice or up to $300 to restore services when disconnected.