Police Department Divisions


The Chief of Police has four major divisions reporting directly to the Chief as well as a secretarial support position. In addition, the Professional Standards/Inspection Section and the Office of Recruitment report directly to the Chief.

Professional Standards/Inspection

Formerly Internal Affairs, this section reports directly to the Chief in regards to external and internal complaints of personnel so that strong ethical values are maintained and that policy development reflects the best interest of the community.


    • Criminal Investigations
    • Patrol Services
    • Special Operations
    • Support Services

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is supervised by a Division Commander, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. One Lieutenant and three Sergeants report to the Division Commander. The Investigative Lieutenant is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the division. The Investigative Lieutenant reviews all incident reports that are reported to the police department and assigns them to criminal investigators, patrol officers, and traffic officers based on solvability factors. The Investigative Lieutenant also serves as the liaison between the Rocky Mount Police Department and North Carolina 7th Prosecutorial District. Contact: 252-972-1450.

Crimes Against Persons Section

The Crimes Against Persons Section consists of the Major Case Unit and the Family Services Unit. The Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for investigating crimes such as homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults. The Family Services Unit is responsible for investigating crimes involving juveniles, missing persons and domestic-violence related offenses. The Major Case Unit is also responsible for Cold Case investigations, which focuses on unsolved homicides, suspicious death cases and unsolved missing person cases with suspicious circumstances. Contact: 252-972-1456.

Property Crimes Section

The Property Crimes Section consists of the Property Crimes Unit and Financial Crimes Unit. The Property Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, motor vehicle burglaries, high dollar larcenies and other misdemeanor crimes. The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating white collar crimes, financial crimes, and fraud related crimes. Contact: 252-972-1464.

Patrol Services

The Patrol Services Division constitutes the largest component of the police department. The major focus of this division is to respond to citizen calls for service. The Patrol Services Division provides traditional police service for the citizens of our community while maintaining a high degree of integrity. This division strives to promote an open flow of information and to treat all persons professionally, respectfully and fair.

Programs within the Patrol Services Division include: Initial response to calls for police service, preliminary criminal investigation, directed patrols, action plans to address criminal activity, warrant service, reserve patrol, and general patrol.

The Patrol Services Division is supervised by a Division Commander, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. Four lieutenants and one secretary report to the Division Commander. The four lieutenants are assigned districts within the City of Rocky Mount.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division consists of several work units that focus on proactive enforcement. This division consists of the following work units: Narcotics and Vice, Violent Offenders, Public Housing Liaison, Courtroom Liaison, Reservoir Warden, and Traffic.

Support Services

The Support Services Division consists of the following sections: Planning, Technology Development and Crime Analysis Section; Evidence, Crime Scene and Laboratory Services Section; the Community Services Section which includes the Crime Prevention/Community Resource Officer and the School Resource Officer Unit; the Public Information Officer; the Records Section, the Communications Center; Reservoir Unit and the Animal Services Unit.

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The Rocky Mount Chief of Police oversees four major divisions in addition to other staff.