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Residential Customer Deposits

A deposit may be required to establish a utility account with the City of Rocky Mount. The amount of the deposit is determined based on the utility service(s) requested and the result of a credit check. If you have established a good pay history with Rocky Mount Public Utility or another utility company, you may not be required to pay a deposit. A current Rocky Mount Public Utility customer can cosign for you in lieu of paying a deposit. The cosigner must be a current customer, with good pay history, and at least 2 years of active service. The cosigner will be required to sign an Acceptance of Financial Responsibility form.

The maximum residential deposit is $325 and may be lower depending on the service(s) requested and the results of the credit check. A residential deposit is held in safekeeping. The residential deposit may be refunded after a period of 12 consecutive months of good pay history.


Commercial Customer Deposits

A commercial customer shall pay a deposit equal to two months average bill as estimated by the City. In lieu of a cash deposit, commercial customers may provide the City a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of the specified deposit and it must be written by an insurance company or bank authorized to do business in North Carolina.

After two and one half years of good pay history, a commercial customer is allowed and may request a reduction in the amount of the deposit required that will be equal to the average bill for one month.


Industrial Customer Deposits

Industrial customers, manufacturers, or processors shall pay a deposit equal to two months average bill as estimated by the City. This deposit is held in safekeeping for the duration of time that the account is active.

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